Godfrey Holdsworth, the youngest Holdsworth sibling, was the next to get married, after his sister Sarah and brothers Joseph and William. Born, like them, in South Weald, Essex, to my 5 x great grandparents Joseph and Elizabeth Holdsworth, Godfrey was christened in the parish church of St Peter’s on 15th February 1773. I suspect that he may have been named after his brother-in-law John Godfrey Schwartz, who had married his half-sister Frances in 1780. (John Godfrey Schwartz was also Frances’ first cousin: he was the son of Charles Gottfried Schwartz, who had married Anne Gibson, the sister of Godfrey’s mother Elizabeth Holdsworth née Gibson: see my Citizens and Cousins blog for the background story).


St Paul’s church, Covent Garden, London

On 26th August 1793, when he was twenty years old, Godfrey Holdsworth married Diana Cam at the church of St Paul’s, Covent Garden, the church that still stands at one end of the famous piazza. Presumably the location of the wedding indicates the part of London where Diana was living at the time. Little is known about Diana’s background, but she may be the Diana Cam who was born in Elmore, Gloucestershire, in 1772, to James and Anne Cam.

We know very little about Godfrey and Diana Holdsworth’s lives, except that they lived in Stepney, like most of Godfrey’s siblings, and that Godfrey worked as a plumber. I wonder if he was in business with his brother-in-law Edward Porter, who was also a plumber in the same part of London?

Godfrey and Diana’s first child, Joseph, was born just over a year after their marriage, in September 1794, and christened on 19th October at the parish church of St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney. The register describes Godfrey as a plumber and gives the family’s address as Mile End Old Town. According to some sources, a daughter named Sarah was born to the couple in 1795, but the location and circumstances of her birth remain unclear. A second son, John Henry, was also born in Mile End and christened at St Dunstan’s on 6th November 1796. A third son, Godfrey, was baptised on 3rd November 1798.

A daughter, Diana, was christened on 26th December 1802. According to later sources, a son named Edward James was born in 1806 and a daughter named Elizabeth in 1808. Godfrey and Diana Holdsworth’s youngest child, Charles William Millrow Holdsworth, was born on 23rd December 1811 and christened at St Dunstan’s on 2nd February 1812.


The Anchor Brewery: an image of Mile End Road in about 1820

There are records of Godfrey Holdsworth paying land tax in Mile End Old Town in 1792, 1798, 1799, 1810 and 1811. Two of these records specify Mile End Road as the address, with one of them locating the Holdsworths on the south side of the road.

Diana Holdsworth died in 1833 at the age of 60 and was buried at St Dunstan’s, Stepney, on 29th April. The date of Godfrey’s death is unknown, but it seems likely that he died in the same decade, or perhaps even earlier, since there is no record of him in the census of 1841.