Following on from my last post, this timeline provides a chronology of the Holdsworth family and their arrival in London, against the background of contemporary events:


1780 Gordon Riots in London 

1786 Sarah Holdsworth marries Edward Porter

1788 King George III’s mental illness brings about Regency crisis

1789 French Revolution 


1791 Restrictions on freedom of press in Britain

1792 William Holdsworth marries Lydia Evans

Joseph Holdsworth marries Margaret Miller

1793 Britain declares war on France

Godfrey Holdsworth marries Diana Cam

1794 Habeas Corpus suspended

1795 Famine year 

Joseph Holdsworth senior dies

1797 John Holdsworth marries Mary Webb

1798 Battle of the Nile

1799 Death of Edward Porter


1801 William and Lydia’s daughter Eliza born in Mile End Old Town

1804 John and Eliza’s daughter Keziah born in Oxford

1803 Sarah Porter née Holdsworth marries William Parker

1805 Battle of Trafalgar

1809 Death of Elizabeth Holdsworth